The Kitchen Drawer

The Kitchen Drawer

Tidy drawers, tidy mind.

Have you noticed the big square hole on the side of Willi's kitchen? Although it makes the water canisters and everything down in the water cupboard easily accessible, it actually wasn't supposed to be a plain hole.

So, this past weekend I finally found the time to build the kitchen drawer. For that I used the following materials:

  • pinewood 15 mm thick
  • hardwood floor finish
  • screws, screws, screws

Building the drawer was pretty straight forward: cutting and painting of the pinewood and screwing everything together.

Since the drawer could only be 17 cm deep and I couldn't find any drawer slides that short, I just cut rails of wood to guide the drawer.

I was missing a pushlock knob so the drawer is missing the knob. Also, additionally to the pushlock knob I want a handle bar to hang dishtowels.

The drawer now holds cutlery and cooking utensils als well as herbs, spices and salt.