The Bike Rack

The Bike Rack

I'd rather be on the trails.

I almost denied you a post about the bike rack. My dad and I mounted the bike rack in a cloak-and-dagger operation just two days before the trip to Scotland.

For the installation of the bike rack we used the following materials:

It was a bit difficult to find a bike rack that would fit the van because a) the bike rack obviously cannot be mounted centered on the back of the van but on one rear door and b) the shape of the right rear window required the space between top and bottom fixing points of the rack to be quite far apart. I found one model by Euro Carry that was especially designed to fit on the Renault Master/Opel Movano/Nissan Interstar.

After figuring out what the slightly-more-complicated-than-an-Ikea-manual wanted to say, the installation wasn't that bad. We had to cut the two long vertical pipes and take off the inner panel of the door (including the handle with the closing mechanism).

Additionally to the screws we fixed the two horizontal bars to the van door with silicone and pressed the ends against the door to prevent the bars from wobbling and shaking against the door while driving or mounting the bikes.

The last step was to adjust the horizontal bike rests so that the bikes do not protrude the sides of the van. This can best be accomplished with the bikes already the bike rack and can easily be readjusted with just one tool in case a different bike has a different fit on the bike rack.