The Hanging Rail

The Hanging Rail

Life is too short to fold t-shirts.

One thing we noticed on our first long trip with Willi was that he was lacking hanging space for wet clothes and shelf space to just quickly put stuff we frequently use away when moving the van.

Both of these issues I tackled with hanging rails beneath the cupboards. Not just for hanging towels and cloths but anything that comes on a hook or can be attached to a hook.

For these hanging rails I used the following materials:

  • 2x 1.5 meter aluminium round profile (cut from 2 m length), 25 mm diameter
  • leftovers of pinewood 15 mm thick
  • 4 black plastic end caps
  • yarn

After the first professional fitting I cut four little pieces of pinewood - two for each rail - and drilled a 26 mm hole in the middle as mounts for the rails.

The hardest task about the hanging rails was actually to figure out the positioning of the rails on the cupboards. Not too far away from the sides so that the stuff hanging on the rails would disturb while sleeping but at the same time not too far near the sides so that I would struggle hanging wet towels on the rails.

Lastly, I wrapped the rails with yarn with some space between each wrap so that hangers or hooks would be fixed between the wraps and not slide across the rail while driving.