About me

On a mission to explore me, myself and the world together with Willi the Van.

For all you fancy and curious vanlifers, DIYers and adventurers - I am hoping to inspire you and am eager for you to inspire me.

My name is Julia and I am a metal girl|lefty|database administrator|life enthusiast living in Austria's beautiful capital Vienna. In 2015 I bought a converted van and together with my dad threw everything out of the camper and realized my own van conversion project.

I spend my free time riding my Specialized Stumpjumper mountainbike up and down the Bisamberg or ocassionally if I get the chance up and down some actual mountains.

Willi the Van

In July 2015 I bought a pre-owned Opel Movano 2003 model with about 145,000 km from a guy in my home village. The van had already been converted into some kind of camper but didn't fit my needs or expectations. The fact that the van had two skylights already built in by the previous owner was very convenient and we could reuse the stove/sink combo as well as one big and heavy wooden board as part of the bed. Other than that I purchased pretty much every piece we used to build the van's interior.

Willi made his test trip to Metalcamp Metaldays 2016 and his maiden voyage led him across half of Europe and England on a road trip through Scotland in August and September 2016. In August 2016 Willi officially became a camper as defined by the austrian Kraftfahrgesetz (Motor Vehicle Act) when I re-registered him from LKW (truck) to PKW Klasse M1 (motorcar type M1).

This Blog

What you can already find here and what you will be able to find in the future is a conglomerations of aspects of mine and Willi's life including

  • Willi's camper van conversion
  • our journeys and trips
  • bike stuff

I invite you to virtually join me as I am making new experiences and please feel free to leave whatever constructive feedback you might have or just nice words on any of the posts.