What Willi carries in his Trunk

What Willi carries in his Trunk

We carry within us the wonders we seek around us.

What I carry with me in Willi's trunk all the time:

  • large reusable bags from Ikea
  • garbage bag holder
  • spare wheel, car jack and spider wrench
  • mini compressor in case of tire damage
  • essential tools (box cutter, wrenches, assembly adhesive, WD40, screw drivers, hammer, pliers)
  • groundsheet
  • 2 pieces of wood (at least the width of a tire)
  • tension belts
  • water hose
  • camping table
  • 2-4 camping chairs
  • hammock
  • picknick blanket
  • chemicals for portable toilet
  • canister of diesel
  • heavy bike lock
  • protecting cover for bikes on the bike rack
  • spare car bulbs kit
  • another ground sheet
  • awning tie down kit
  • charcoal and charcoal lighter
  • footstep
  • large heavy alpaka wool blanket
  • mini-barbecue
  • 25 m electric camping hook up cable (with CEE plug) and Schuko adapter
  • rubber mat
  • trolley

What I carry with me in the box under the bed all the time:

  • styrofoam container
  • Kubb kit
  • pool shoes
  • holiday lights
  • plastic bags
  • badminton kit
  • beachball kit incl. miscellaneous board games
  • boules kit
  • bedding
  • 2 spare pillows
  • placemats

What I carry with me in miscellaneous places in Willi all the time:

  • washing bowl
  • small garbage can