The Flooring

The Flooring

You can't fall off the floor. Well, in this case you actually can. And I did.

We chose to cover the living area of Willi's base plate with PVC floor coating. We didn't cover the trunk beneath the bed because it serves as storage space for bulky objects that would only spoil the PVC, so the wooden base plate seemed good enough as flooring for the trunk.

For the flooring we used the following materials:

  • PVC floor coating 1 mm thick, 200x150 cm
  • assembly adhesive

We cut the PVC to the right size using a cutting knife, while we also considered the possibility that the PVC could expand when exposed to summer heat.

For adhering the PVC to the base plate we used assembly adhesive that I applied on the base plate and my father spread with a scraper. We had better used a finishing trowel to make the layer of adhesive perfectly smooth because the way we did it, you can lightly see the streaks of adhesive underneath the PVC.

Also, I bought only one cartridge (approx. 400 g) of adhesive but even for this rather small area of approximately 175x150 cm two would have been better. Well, so what, it worked.