Hohenstadt an der Pegnitz 2017

Hohenstadt an der Pegnitz 2017

Day 01 - Vienna-Hohenstadt an der Pegnitz - 2017-06-15

I decided quite spontaneously to join my friend on a camping trip over a long weekend to Hohenstadt an der Pegnitz in Bavaria. We were planning to rent a canadian canoe to canoe on the river Pegnitz and to go for a cycling trip.

On a thursday morning I mounted the blue fox onto Willi, put my clothes and stuff away into the cupboards and hit the road for Bavaria.

The destination was a sweet little, more or less pitchless campsite in Hohenstadt an der Pegnitz. The staff was Frankishly nice and my friend and I chose a spot near the river.

The campsite offers fresh rolls from the bakery in the mornings and canoes for rent to go canoeing on the Pegnitz, which we did the next day.

Like every evening we lit the barbecue and tasted local beverages.

Day 02 - Canoeing on the Pegnitz - 2017-06-16

On Friday we went canoeing on the Pegnitz. Since there was low water on the Pegnitz we could only canoe from Rupprechtstegen to our campsite in Hohenstadt which took us a bit more than two hours.

After we overtook all the tourist-ish canoeists it was quite soothing to float, paddle and canoe the rather calm Pegnitz and besides one or two rather narrow bends and a few tree branches sticking out it was a smooth canoe ride.

Back on the campground we enjoyed the sun and a barbecue.

Willi looks so cute with the awning and the lights :-)

Day 03 - Cycling to Hohenstein Castle - 2017-06-17

On day three we decided to go cycling and to visit Hohenstein Castle - well no, we did that rather spontaneously. The route was mostly paved roads with a few gravel roads. The elevation gain was about 360 m and we were on the road about two hours.

Hohenstein Castle sits on the summit plateau of the 624 m high Hohenstein and was really beautiful to look at and to look down from.

To visit the innards of the castle we had to pay two euros each which isn't much and it was definitely worth it. To the sides of the paths were little herb gardens and we were even able to go up the green little tower at the top of the palas.

The view from up there was stunning but frankly, I was rather uncomfortable leaving the blue fox back at the base of the rock ;-)

In the evening played Kubb and giant pick-a-stick. And of course we had a barbecue. Again. Who needs a stove in the van if you have a grill.

And there he is again. Just chilling :-)

Day 04 - Hohenstein an der Pegnitz-Vienna - 2017-06-18

On the day of the departure we had sad breakfast, said sad goodbyes and sadly parted ways after a great mini-vacation in Bavaria.

Well, it's not so bad being at home either.